Top 3 baby bottle warmers

Electric baby bottle warmers effectively helps parents warm food and milk and take care of their babies. No need to microwave a mug of water and warm the bottle or jar in it any more; bottle warmers do this job far easier, exact, and give parents more time to work and relax. When you can have warm and ready meal for your baby in a matter of minutes with a simple push of a button of a specially designed warming machine, why bother doing it the old- fashioned way!
Whether you need to safely and quickly warm breast milk, formula, and food, make sure you read the reviews below and pick a warmer to best suit your needs.
1. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer is the right combination of quality, design, and a price. It uses steam to warm standard and wide neck baby bottles and baby food jars. Refillable water chamber warms several bottles before refilling. The buttons are easy to press and work like a microwave, so no confusion at all. The bottle warmer remembers your settings.
There is a removable adjustable basket which can be flipped over to reduce the warmers depth so short bottles e.g. 4 oz can be easily removed without burning your fingers. Some customers who use the product for a long time report that their warmers have mold and mildew. In order to avoid this, don’t tighten the cap of the bottle so that pressure doesn’t build inside and cause milk to leak in the water.

2. The second pick Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer strong is best for those who have stocked frozen breastmilk-filled bags. The product is unique in the approach to safely thaw and warm breast milk using warm, flowing water. Thus the high-speed warming uses a low temperature, nutrient-safe water bath that is safe for breast milk, with a built in timer to eliminate the risk of overheating. Even the parents who warm formula milk and baby food will like the fact that it is not steam heated, and you can’t burn yourself.

3. The third pick is the popular with parents The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer It warms breast milk, formula and baby food jars in minutes and there is auto shut-off for added safety
Works with most wide, narrow, angled, even disposable bottles. So far so good, some parents e complain that performance of the warmer is not consistent. It is recommendable to pay close attention to it, testing the bottle as it warms; which is not very convenient in the middle of the night when he is crying for that bottle.

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