Best Hair Clippers To Style Your Son At Home

If you are a mother of three sons who struggles to make ends meet, you are probably looking for ways to cut down on the expenses. Cutting down on bills can be a dawning task. For me the easiest way to decrease my spending is to look for areas where I am good at and try to DIY.

Of course, I am not suggesting that every mother should style her sons’ hair at home. But if you have some skills and have an eye for design, why not giving it a try!  Giving a haircut to young boys is not that difficult as it may seem.  At barber saloons they use hair clippers and blend everything with a hair scissors. Some hair stylists are helpless without thinning scissors. Not to mention that sometimes I am able to see a whole geographic map with valleys and hills on my sons’ hairstyle.
After one such failure, I’ve found myself looking at youtube for video lessons on easy boys’ faded haircuts.
Here is one of them. This video can give you some insides of hair-cutting at home.

The mother in the video breaks down the haircut to five simple steps. She is not a professional hair-stylist, but she has done a great job. The result is good at the very least. The best part is, everything seems relatively simple, when you follow her head-ups.

Picking Quality Hair Clippers Not To Crash The Family Budget

Perhaps, the most difficult part for me was to pick a pair of hair clippers. I started with Amazon. Although I was on a budget, I was willing to invest in a pair of good clippers. The clippers would help me save on the barber’s bills after all.
Additionally I needed a pair of hair scissors and texturing sheers. It was one- time investment. I looked for items that were good enough to last for years but would fit my budget.

Here is a 3-in-1 solution by Wahl. The item is a clipper, trimmer and hair sheers at the same time. It has a lot of guides, self sharpening, works well on large areas. Reading the reviews the clipper has some cons that made me hesitant. According to most of the reviews the trimmer is flimsy, and it really doesn’t cut well. The scissors are pretty useless… But all in all it has a good clipper and provided it is priced $26, it’s still a great  buy.

This item is a kind of bottom line Wahl Clippers.

The second pick is a bit more expensive. It is Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit #79602. The item is $45 so it is more expensive. Most of the reviews are flattering. According to one customer Wahl Pro kit is the right choice if you buzz your hair or cut your kid/husband’s hair.

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